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Did Ancient Giants and Nephilim Walk the Earth?

First of all, we need to define our terms. A lot of people that I talk to are confused about this subject, simply because some translations in the bible use these terms interchangeably. In fact though, they are not interchangeable and represent different types of creatures that were on the earth. The Watchers – These […]

Does The Bible Say The Earth is Flat?

Hi. If you’re wondering to yourself, “Does the Bible say the Earth is flat?” you probably have a few other questions that go along with it. “If the Bible says that Earth is flat, does that mean I can’t trust the Bible?” Or, “could the Earth actually be flat and we’ve been lied to?” And […]

Understanding The Flat Earth Theory & Enclosed Cosmology

Often times people are trying to understand what the Flat Earth model really is. The problem is that we don’t trust the scientific community enough to give us an accurate model in the first place, so how could we ever have an accurate model of a flat Earth? so rather than try and convince you […]

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