Understanding The Flat Earth Theory & Enclosed Cosmology

Often times people are trying to understand what the Flat Earth model really is. The problem is that we don’t trust the scientific community enough to give us an accurate model in the first place, so how could we ever have an accurate model of a flat Earth? So rather than try and convince you of a working Flat Earth model, I think it actually makes more sense to convince you that the globe model doesn’t work.

So here’s the first problem. Trust. Who is it that you trust and why? The second problem is logic. People who are tied to the round earth model are not able to follow their own logic. The third problem is actual science that we understand shows that the Copernican model doesn’t work. And lastly, people have a problem with motive. They don’t understand what the motive would be for anyone or any group concealing such knowledge from the rest of the population.

Here’s a question for you to get started… How dumb are you? I mean on a scale of 1 to 10 how really dumb are you as a human being? You must be completely stupid right? After all, you’re not a scientist. Those scientists guys are just so much smarter than you regular humans right? Or, maybe that’s not the case… Maybe, you are actually just as smart, if not smarter, than some of these people telling you things about the world you live in. So, let’s start this off by giving yourself some credit. No one is smarter than you. They may be better at some things and have a better understanding of other things, but in the scheme of it all, your intelligence level is roughly the same. And if you think that’s wrong, let’s stop right here because there’s no way I’m going to convince you of anything else. You need to understand what it means to be an intelligent person and a thinker (it doesn’t mean pontificating about how astronomical the universe might be, or being a math genius. Just being able to think for yourself).

Moving on. So your first obvious reaction is, we have pictures of the Earth! That’s true. And, all of those pictures are composite images. In other words 90% of the photos you seen of the Earth are self-proclaimed fakes. And I don’t mean people claim they are fakes, I mean NASA claims they are composite images assembled in Photoshop for your pleasure. So now we have to break out the old logic meter… Mine says if 90% of the images are self-proclaimed faked by NASA, then the other 10% that don’t have an explicit label on them are not exactly what I would call trustworthy. Is that a fair assessment to make? Discounting the fact that I already have a preconceived notion that the Earth is round I could safely rule out pictures of the earth as proof of that roundness.

But We’ve Been To The Moon…

Really? So what you’re saying is that 50 years ago we had the technology to go to the moon, but today we don’t have that technology. Is that what you’re telling me? I’m just going to reach into my back pocket and pull out the old logic meter again and see if this registers on the bologna scale. If this doesn’t completely rock your world, then I’m sorry but you’re lost in the Matrix and you’ll never come out.

Also, let’s not forget that NASA claims there are dangerous radiation belts above the Earth that are high heat that won’t allow us to pass through in a spacecraft. Maybe I’m just one of those stupid people whose not a scientist so I don’t get it, but if we had the technology to do this 50 years ago, shouldn’t we be 10 times as good at going through these radiation belts by now? Not to mention the official atmospheric temperature once you get a 100km above the Earth is somewhere in the neighborhood of 4500°F. To give you an idea of how hot this is, your kitchen oven can reach about 500°F, a jewelers gold melting oven can reach about 2100°F, and an industrial blast furnace used for melting iron can get to about 4200°F.

None of the materials used to build our “spacecraft” can withstand these temperatures. Just another example of how science and “science” don’t agree. And let us not forget the absurd amount of radiation supposedly up there.

Another aspect of the moon landing that doesn’t make any sense to me is the fact that we lost the Telemetry data. That just doesn’t make any sense, because that was one of the most brilliant achievements of mankind ever. Not to mention the fact that the Telemetry data itself is super complicated. Remember the astronauts were heading towards a planet that circles the Earth approximately once a day. That means that since the trip supposedly took 3 days they were not just heading towards the moon. They were actually heading towards open deep space in the moon had to come across their path right before they’re Landing. That means that the calculations necessary we’re so astronomically huge but I find it hard to believe they could account for the motion of the Earth the motion of the Sun the motion of the Moon the motion of the Galaxy and motion of the expansion of the universe all within equations that were supposedly done by hand on paper. I’m not doubting the mathematical capabilities of anyone, but I am doubting the fact that they have all of the required variables to make those calculations. Even the theory of relativity says that we appear to not be moving in space “even though we are”. So that means that the observable movement is not there. So then how did we calculate for that movement if it’s not observed, and how do we know what that movement is, and what is the proof of that? So again just remember, we’re just dumb non-scientists and don’t understand these things.

What about stars? How come you can’t see stars even from an airplane? There’s not even a scientific explanation for this. And interestingly astronauts have different opinions about whether you could see stars from space or not. Some astronauts can see all kinds of stars. Other astronauts just see blackness. Their stories are very inconsistent. Someone is lying. Period.

So again, if we break out the old logic meter, we could see that just a fact that no one can keep their story straight about something as simple as either being able to see stars or not, I would say that their stories are false. Besides, in the biblical worldview in the end times, one third of the stars fall to the Earth. I’m pretty sure God didn’t mean in his book that billions and billions of ginormous suns were going to fall to a planet the size of Earth. Instead I think he meant that a bunch of very small lights in the sky are going to fall to Earth.

What about satellites?

People often think that our Communications are actually done by satellite. But that’s not exactly true. There are thousands of miles of underwater and underground fiber optic cables that run most of our Communications across the oceans. I’m not discounting the fact that we can put things up in the sky that float. I mean I watch balloons float all the time. Also in the Flat Earth model, the sun and the moon are somehow suspended over the Earth. So, that means that there’s some sort of mechanism that enables things to float when they are way up high. However, that doesn’t change the fact that (non-balloon) satellites aren’t really used as much as we think they are. If at all… Here’s a map of the underwater fiber optic cable system:


Dave runs the Biblical X-Files group in Somersworth, NH. He created this website and writes about the subjects talked about in the group. Dave has devoted his life to the teachings of Yeshua and his Word. "Let God be true though every one were a liar..." - Romans 3:4

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